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Harkness, Shepherd, DonaghyTorchwood, LOST, 30 Rock
Fry, Banks, DunphyFuturama, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Modern Family
Stinson, Rubble, MillerHow I Met Your Mother, Flintstones, Barney Miller
Scott, Bluth, TribbianniThe Office, Arrested Development, Joey
Orenthal, Halpert, McNultyAccording To Jim, The Office, The Wire
Buckland, Mosby, CrillyScrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Father Ted
Linus, Reynolds, 10LOST, Lie To Me, Ben 10
Soprano, Micelli, AlmeidaThe Sopranos, Who's The Boss?, 24
Tortelli, Espinosa, ConnorCheers, Scrubs, Coronation Street
Griffin, Hornberger, JonesFamily Guy, 30 Rock, Dragon's Den
Tyler, Nylund, TaylorDoctor Who, The Golden Girls, 7th Heaven
Cuddy, Simpson, TurtleHouse MD, The Simpsons, Saved By The Bell
Bluth Sr, Jetson, CostanzaArrested Development, The Jetsons, Seinfeld
Hickey, Savage, JacksonMy Name Is Earl, WWF, American Idol
Smith, Truman, ComptonThe Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Will & Grace, True Blood
Pendragon, Branch, MitchellMerlin, Law & Order, Dexter
Turk, Jericho, GriffinScrubs, WWE, Family Guy
Montgomery Burns, Widmore, MinerThe Simpsons, LOST, The Office
Farrah Fowler, Wong, PondThe Big Bang Theory, Futurama, Doctor Who
Howard, Stiles, SeacrestThe Office, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, American Idol
Jetson, Cobb, BealeThe Jetsons, Firefly, Eastenders
Cooper, Raiden, WestTorchwood, Angel, Gavin And Stacey
Tribbiani, Lucas, GladstoneFriends, The West Wing, Full House
Harper, Green, MartinTwo And A Half Men, Jericho, All My Children
Benford, Corrigan, SloanFlashforward, Peep Show, Grey's Anatomy
Cameron, Summers, RobinsonDegrassi: The Next Generation, X Men, Neighbours
Flick, Mann, Rocket'Allo 'Allo!, The Simpsons, Rocket Power
Lemon, Stonem, McGuire30 Rock, Skins, Lizzie McGuire
McCormick, Powers, WanglerSouth Park, Eastbound And Down, Oz
Barone, Kelso, BradyEverybody Loves Raymond, Scrubs, The Brady Bunch

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