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Portrayed By
Portrayed By
Portrayed By
Companion (9 + 10)
Companion (10)
Companion (10)
Companion (11)
Companion (11)
Companion (11 + 12)
(Future?) Romantic Interest
Occasional Companion
Occasional Companion
Occasional Companion
Method Of Transportation
Home Planet
Arch Rival
Main Enemy Race
Main Enemy Race
Equipment/I.D. (Usually)
Catchphrase (9th Doctor)
Catchphrase (10th Doctor)
Catchphrase (11th Doctor)
Cause of Death (9th Doctor)
Cause of Death (10th Doctor)
Location of Death (?) (11th Doctor)
Any Ally From 'A Good Man Goes To War'
Anything Declared Cool By The 11th Doctor
'Daughter' Met By The 10th Doctor
Any Enemy Faced By The 9th Doctor
Any Alias or Nickname Given
'Lone' Survivor Of This Atrocity
11th Doctor's Eccentric Food Liking
Hair Colour Desired In Each Regeneration
Love Interest Of The 'Human' Tenth Doctor
Any Historical Writer Met/Influenced By The Doctor
The Six Words With Which Ten Undermined Harriet Jones
Organisation Originally Established To Oppose The Doctor
11th Doctor's Age At His Supposed Time Of Death

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