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Can you name the Modern Warfare 2 Trophies?

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DescriptionTrophy NameRank
Earn all available trophies for Modern Warfare 2Platinum
Help Train The Local MilitiaBronze
Get Hand Picked For Shepherd's Elite SquadBronze
Infiltrate The Snowy Mountainside BaseBronze
Find Rojas In The FavelasBronze
Defend Burger TownBronze
Storm The GulagBronze
Execute The Plan To Help The AmericansBronze
Take Back Whiskey HotelBronze
Assault Makarov's SafehouseBronze
Complete The Mission In The Airplane GraveyardBronze
Complete The Single Player Campaign On Any DifficultySilver
Complete The Single Player Campaign On Hardened Or Veteran DifficultyGold
Complete 'S.S.D.D' and 'Team Player' On Veteran DifficultyBronze
Complete 'Cliffhanger' On Veteran DifficultyBronze
Complete 'Takedown' And 'The Hornet's Nest' On Veteran DifficultySilver
Complete 'Wolverines!' And 'Exodus' On Veteran DifficultySilver
DescriptionTrophy NameRank
Complete 'The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday' And 'The Gulag' On Veteran DifficultySilver
Complete 'Contingency' On Veteran DifficultyBronze
Complete 'Of Their Own Accord', 'Second Sun', And 'Whiskey Hotel' On Veteran DifficultySilver
Complete 'Loose Ends' And 'The Enemy Of My Enemy' On Veteran DifficultySilver
Complete 'Just Like Old Times' And 'Endgame' On Veteran DifficultyBronze
Run The Pit In 'S.S.D.D' And Finish With A Time Under 30 SecsBronze
Plant The C4 In 'Cliffhanger' Without Alerting Anyone In The BlizzardBronze
Kill 7 Chickens In Under 10 Secs In 'The Hornet's Nest'Bronze
Earn 1 Star In Special OpsBronze
Earn 4 Stars In Special OpsBronze
Earn 8 Stars In Special OpsBronze
Earn At Least 1 Star In 11 Different Special Op MissionsBronze
Earn All 3 Stars In At Least 5 Special Op MissionsBronze
Earn 21 Stars In Special OpsBronze
Earn At Least 1 Star In Each Special Op MissionSilver
Earn All 3 Stars In At Least 10 Special Op MissionsSilver
Earn 30 Stars In Special OpsSilver
DescriptionTrophy NameRank
Earn All 3 Stars In At Least 15 Special Op MissionsSilver
Earn 69 Stars In Special OpsGold
Kill 4 Enemies In A Row While Downed In Special OpsBronze
Kill A Juggernaut In Special OpsBronze
Kill At Least 10 Enemies With One Predator MissileBronze
Use A Riot Shield To Beat Down An EnemyBronze
Kill 4 Enemies With 4 Shots During A Slo-Mo BreachBronze
Kill 6 Enemies In A Row Using A Thermal WeaponBronze
Kill 2 Enemies With A Single BulletBronze
Collect 22 Enemy Intel ItemsBronze
Collect 45 Enemy Intel ItemsBronze
Kill 20 Enemies In A Row While Driving A VehicleBronze
Kill 2 Rappelling Enemies In A RowBronze
Kill 5 Enemies In A Row With 5 Different Weapons Or AttachmentsBronze
Kill 10 Enemies In A Row With Akimbo WeaponsBronze
Knife An Enemy Without Him Ever Knowing You Were ThereBronze
Kill At Least 3 Enemies With A Single Shot From A Grenade LauncherBronze

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