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Forced Order
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Did I say I'd climb four mountains or swim five rivers?
They've asked me to keep mum re: koala disappearances
Did the DOJ acknowledge these numbers or are they lollygagging still?
Can I interest you in a cup of char, Lieutenant O'Hanrahan
Your interminable love of ska tells me all I need to know about Belgians
I want to give that Jordani elf a rad Ayrshire terrier, if I can locate such a mammal
We won't ask you to boo New York Jets, but we won't stop you either
I have a long standing aversion to jam, especially the Strawberry version
Has anybody seen any sign of Arthur? Leyton, Reginald, Montgomery - anyone?
Which Star Wars figurines are you looking for? I can get Han, Luke or Leia
Who's your favourite comedian, Carlo? C.K.? Eddy? Jeselnik?
Listen Sami; less of the useless railing against authority and you'll be a world champion yet.
You're not a massive fan of turmeric? Hard luck, there's loads of it in this.
Didn't you find that very difficult to chew? I'd more chance of eating my boots!
Don't you know that it's a cardinal sin to ad lib - by direct decree of Lorne himself.
'Una naranja...' Cobain mused. What could that mean, he wondered
Jeff ran, Kevin swam, Louise drove and Peter flew
Does anyone have a pen? NYC, and not one to be found?
Watch out, this is a hot mic. Ha, Elvis himself couldn't sing like this
I'd love to visit Bern, arduous though the trip may be in practice.

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