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Can you name the correct 'saga' of Dragonball Z for the following episodes?

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Fighting Power: One Million??
Who Will Fight Who?
Union Of Rivals
Piccolo's Folly
Black Fog Of Terror
Stop Vegeta Now!
Transformed At Last
Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!
Out From The Broken Sword
The Dark Prince Returns
Free The Future
Frieza's Counterattack
Goku's Next Journey
The Long Awaited Fight
The End Of Snake Way
Meal Time
Battle In Kami's Lookout
Goku's Assassin
Piccolo The Super Namek
Trunks Ascends
Super Saiyan 3!
Spirit Bomb Triumphant
Deadly Beauty
Destination: Guru
Videl Is Crushed
Another Super Saiyan
Goku's Ancestors
Duel On A Vanishing Planet
Trapped In Forever
King Of The Demons

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