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Can you name the information about Torchwood's Jack Harkness?

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Full Name/Title
Portrayed By
Century Of Origin
Place Of Origin
Hometown Nickname
Leader Of This Organisation
Primary Objective Is To Monitor And Police This Supernatural Portal
Team Member (Season 1 - 2)
Team Member (Season 1 - 2)
Team Member (Season 1 - 3)
Team Member (Season 1 - Present)
Team Member (Season 2 - Present)
Chief Ally
Chief Ally
Chief Ally
Pet Pteranodon
Pet Weevil
Originally Affiliated With This Organisation
Lover/Rival/Partner From The Above Organisation
Left The Above Organisation After Having These Stolen From Him
Possesses This 'Superpower' (Pre-Season 4)
Received His Power From This Woman/Entity
Received His Power Upon This Space Station
Firearm Of Choice
Cherishes This Bubbling Item Throughout Season 1 Of Torchwood
Any Nickname Or Alias Used Onscreen To Date
Wrist-Mounted Time-Travel Device
Gifted 12 'Children Of Earth' To This Codenamed Alien In 1965
Imprisoned Upon This Airship During 'The Year That Never Was'
Name Of The Event That Has Stripped Him Of His Gift
Used His Unique Gift To Vanquish This Biblical Beast
Frequently Employed Drug, Used To Induce Short-Term Amnesia
Modified This Object To Be Capable Of Destroying A Dalek
Briefly Joined A Carnival Sideshow To Investigate These Unearthly Terrors
Name Of Any Episode Of 'Doctor Who' Featuring Jack

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