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Can you name the games played on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue?

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The most popular game: the Station-association game with no rules.
The players must sing the lyrics of a particular record over the instrumentation of a different one.
Players take turns to speak a single word, with the object being not to complete a sentence
In a parody of a popular TV show, players take turn to invent trick definitions of common words
The teams invent punny socialites and herald their entrances at a specific event
The aim is to 'put the last nail in the coffin of a long-running radio or television show, and close the series in one line.
Each team sings a well known song, with panelists singing alternating words.
Panelists must sing a song without hesitation, repetition or deviation
One team acts out the name of a artistic work via short vignettes. You'll have had your tea?
Both teams duke it out in an attempt to be the first to arrive at their convoluted punchline.
The panelists suggest alternate definitions for existing English words
The panelists are given the beginning of a famous spoken line and must provide an ending.
Two players must utilise instruments with a 'characteristically absurd timbre' to produce a song.
The teams imagine how the titular channel would interpret a variety of children's programs.
'The Word Disassociation Game.'
'I woke up this morning...'; Improvisational folk songs
The teams use their buzzers to 'clean up' allegedly risqué music.
The teams play a board game...on the radio
The chairman supplies the first line of a five-line poem, the panelists must improvise the rest one line at a time.
Players attempt to keep in time and key with a record after it temporarily drops out.
The teams suggest alternating snippets of information of fluctuating desirabilty
Players provide examples of how modern newspapers would report on events from the past.
Players take turns stating single words at a time. The objective is ostensibly to not make the audience laugh.
The teams sing famous songs in the style of well-known personalities such as a politician or television presenter.
Due to the poverty of the international film industry, new films must be remade as combinations of old ones.

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