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Can you name the information about Firefly's Mal?

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Portrayed By
Captain Of This Ship
Ship Classification
Crew Member
Crew Member
Crew Member
Crew Member
Crew Member
Crew Member
Crew Member
Crew Member
Trademark Attire
On The Run From This Governmental Orginisation
Fought Against The Above On This Side Of The Civil War
Home Planet
Nickname (given to him by his mechanic)
Faced A Crushing Defeat At This Location At The End Of The War
Love Interest (Brothel Madam)
Recurring Enemy ('Wife')
Recurring Enemy (Torturer)
Recurring Group Of Enemies
Enemy (Government Agent)
Rank In The Indepedents Army
Name Given To The Civil War In Which Mal Fought
Makes Deals With This Criminal On Persephone
Like Zoe, Always Cuts This Fruit (Following A War Incident)
Exchanged 'Certain Bullets' With This Woman On Whitefall
Fought A Duel Against This Man
With Simon, Masterminded A Hospital Heist On This Core Planet
Almost Serves This Punishment On Jayne When He Sabotages The Above Heist
War Companion Who Brings Mal & Zoe A Message
Kicked This Man Into An Engine
Discovered The Secret Behind The Reavers On This Planet
Number Of Unarmed Men Shot By Mal In Serenity
Aside From The War, The Personal Thing Mal Loses At Serenity Valley
Climax Of His Rousing Speech In 'Serenity': ' I Aim To ______'

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