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Can you name the information about LOST's Sayid?

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Full Name
Portrayed By
Ex-Wife (Widowed)
Soul Mate
City Of Birth
'Candidate' Number
Oceanic Flight Section
Any Victim Of Torture Throughout The Series
Love Interest (In Berlin)
Love Interest (Briefly, In LA, Pre-Flight 316)
Any Island Phenomena Which Sayid Was The First To Discover
Most Famous Kill: Broke An Other's Neck Using Only...
In Australia Unwillingly, Doing Work For This Organisation
First Contracted Kill Under Ben's Orders; The Man Who Killed Nadia
Location Where Peter Avellino Is Killed
Location Where Sayid Builds Homes For Charity
Helped Detonate This Bomb In 1977
Any Nickname Received From Sawyer
Alias While Working As A Chef
Commanding Officer In The Republican Guard
Any DHARMA Station Visited
Either Of The Only Two Men To Best Sayid In Hand To Hand Combat
Shot And (Briefly) Killed By This Man
Killed Permanently By A Bomb Set By This Being
One Of This Group Of Season 4 Island Escapees
Hired By Ben To Kill This Shady, Never-Discovered Figure
As A Child, Killed This Animal In Place Of His Brother
Deduced That The French Transmission Had Been Looping For...
Any Item Fixed/Mended By Sayid
Gave The Eulogy At This Funeral
Number Of Gunshot Wounds Incurred Onscreen
Translation Of The Writing On The Back Of The Photograph Of Nadia
Trademark Item Of Clothing
Childhood Friend Who Commited Suicide In Front Of Him
Any Centric Episode

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