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Can you name the principal characters in Tolstoy's War and Peace?

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Forced Order
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The large-bodied, ungainly, and socially awkward illegitimate son of an old Russian grandee.
A strong but cynical, thoughtful and philosophical aide-de-camp in the Napoleonic Wars.
A pious woman whose eccentric father attempted to give her a good education.
The pater-familias of the Rostov family; terrible with finances, generous to a fault.
Mother of the four Rostov children.
A central character, introduced as 'not pretty but full of life' and a romantic young girl, she evolves through trials and suffering and eventually finds happiness.
A hussar, the beloved eldest son of the Rostov family.
Orphaned cousin of the Rostov children.
Eldest of the Rostov children.
Youngest of the Rostov children.
A ruthless man who is determined to marry his children well, despite having doubts about the character of some of them.
A beautiful and sexually alluring woman who has many affairs, including (it is rumoured) with her brother.
A very handsome and amoral pleasure seeker.
The eldest and perhaps most dim-witted of the Kuragin children.
A poor but aristocratic young man driven by ambition, even at the expense of his friends and benefactors.
Mother of above.
A cold, almost psychopathic officer.
A young Russian officer, who desires to be just like everyone else.
Also known as Annette, she is the hostess of the salon that is the site of much of the novel's action in Petersburg.
An older Moscow society lady, she is an elegant dancer and trend-setter, despite her age and size.
A French woman who lives with the Bolkonskys.
Nikolai Rostov's friend and brother officer.
The archetypal good Russian peasant, whom the first listed character meets in the prisoner of war camp.
Russian commander-in-chief throughout the book. His diligence and modesty eventually save Russia from Napoleon.
the Great Man, whose fate is detailed in the book.
He signed a peace treaty with above in 1807 and then went to war with him.

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