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A domain is the ___ values in each ordered pair.
A range is the ___ values in each ordered pair.
The x coordinate is a/an ___ value. (independant or dependant)
The y coordinate depends on the ___ value.
A function is a relation where no x coordinate is used more than ___
The ___ line test will test if the graph is a function or not.
In y = f(x), y is a function of ___.
A relation where the ordered pairs of a function are reversed is called the ___ of a function.
The dividen of the function of x cannot equal ___.
The radicand of the function of x has to be set to ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.
The domain of the inverse is the ___ of the original function.
The range of the inverse is the ___ of the original function.
The graph is a one-to-one function if its both a function and its inverse is a ___.
The operation symbol for a composition is a/an ___ ___.
The greatest common integer is shown in ___.
The domain of a composition is the domain of the first function such that the first function fits in the ___ of the second function.

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