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Dictionary DefinitionMovie title
beginning; start; commencement.
of or containing titanium, esp. in the tetravalent state.
an embodiment or personification, as of a principle, attitude, or view of life.
an opening through something, commonly a fabric
either of two bones, the mandible or maxilla, forming the framework of the mouth
a neurotic person or slang term for someone who is crazy
Any person who is not a citizen of the country in which he or she lives
the last and completely destructive battle
the hobby of watching trains and noting their serial numbers
a member of a Nguni people living mainly in Natal, Republic of South Africa
a man trained to fight in arenas to provide entertainment
any large, busy city
the soul of a dead person
to make a loud, clattering noise, as of something dashed to pieces
a dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings or of being in tilting or spinning surroundings
Dictionary DefinitionMovie title
a heavier-than-air powered flying vehicle with fixed wings
a series of vibrations induced in the earth's crust by the abrupt rupture and rebound of rocks in which elastic strain has been slowly accumulating
a game in which players in a circle try to hit the opponents inside the circle with an inflated ball, thereby eliminating them
desperate or wild with excitement, passion, fear, pain, etc
the objective case of they
an abnormal fear of spiders
the expression of a wish that misfortune, evil, doom, etc., befall a person
to bewitch; practice witchcraft on
the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices
a person who commits or practices sabotage
the imagined abode of departed souls or spirits
a heavy horizontal timber for distributing loads, particularly used in railways.
a mischievous invisible being, said by airplane pilots in World War II to cause engine trouble and mechanical difficulties
inability to obtain sufficient sleep
in the direction of the rotation of the hands of a clock as viewed from the front or above

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