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Name which of the given cities is closer to the given capital

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Cities, Capital CityA or BDistances
A) Philadelphia or B) New York, from Washington, USA
A) Bristol or B) Cambridge, from London, UK
A) Cologne or B) Munich, from Berlin, Germany
A) Alexandria or B) Jerusalem, from Cairo, Egypt
A) Buenos Aires or B) Asuncion, from Santiago, Chile
A) Kiev or B) St. Petersburg, from Moscow, Russia
A) Guatemala City or B) Cancun, from Mexico City, Mexico
A) Hiroshima or B) Sapporo, from Tokyo, Japan
A) Kabul or B) Damascus, from Tehran, Iran
A) Stockholm or B) Helsinki, from Tallinn, Estonia
A) Milan or B) Venice, from Rome, Italy
A) Islamabad or B) Mumbai, from New Delhi, India
A) Beijing or B) Shanghai, from Seoul, South Korea
Cities, Capital CityA or BDistances
A) Manila or B) Hanoi, from Singapore, Singapore
A) Dubai or B) Cape Town, from Nairobi, Kenya
A) Brasilia or B) Rio de Janeiro, from Buenos Aires, Argentina
A) New Orleans or B) Port-au-Prince, from Havana, Cuba
A) Toronto or B) Montreal, from Ottawa, Canada
A) Ouagadougou or B) Accra, from Abuja, Nigeria
A) Kathmandu or B) Bangkok, from Naypyidaw, Myanmar
A) Adelaide or B) Brisbane, to Canberra, Australia
A) Vienna or B) Budapest, to Prague, Czechia
A) Panama City or B) Quito, to Bogota, Colombia
A) Istanbul or B) Sao Paulo, to Pretoria, South Africa
A) Lisbon or B) Barcelona, to Madrid, Spain

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