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Can you name the DNA repair - NER?

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NER removes mismatches, buky adducts and...
What disease is it linked to?
What binds to DNA first?
ATP removes
What else occurs
UvrC then nicks ... to the 3'
and ... to the 5'
What binds next?
Which has a ... function
the ... is then displaced
along with
and uvrD is released when ... fills the gap
? then seals the nick
2 types of NER in eukaryotes are T..
in GG-NER... and ... bind damaged DNA to increase distortion
? Binds next
? acesses and unwids region
The region is unwound more by
And ? coats the DNA
This type of damage recognises ? more than 6,4pp
Transcription coupled NER has different recognition proteins..
Damage is first recognised by stalled ..
TFII then binds and unwinding occurs as normal. ? and ? then cut 3' and 5'
poldelta, rfc and pcna the transcribe and ? ligates
Xeroderma pigmentosa lead to
Cockayae Syndrome also causes
Trichothiodystrophy also causes
?% of XP is due to uts inXP1-7
TTDA, XPB and XPD are muts in
CSA and B are muts in
XP occurs in ?/250000 people
and has higher incidence in
by age 20 there is a ? risk of skin cancer

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