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Can you name the Homologous Recombination?

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Sequence at chi site
Complex which recognises chi site and unwinds DNA to it
Part of complex which recognises chi site
Part of complex which is a 3'-5' helicase and nuclease
Part of complex which a 5'-3' helicase
What protein loads onto the 3' extentions
This leads to...
What structure is formed and recognised by PriA
What links PriA to dnaT?
What does this prevent
What does dnaT bind?
What does dnaB restart?
Which molecule begins resolution of the holliday junction
What does this molecule bind to?
What molecule then binds and cuts DNA
What then seals the strands?
What is the main protein in meiotic recombination of Eukaryotes
What is the main protein in mitotic recombination in Eukaryotes
Questions Answers
What nuclese is also involved?
What cuts DNA to initiate meiotic recombination?
Which complex removes this?
What binds to DNA in addition to this complex?
What is the other name for Xrs2?
What coats the strands in eukaryotes?
Which is recruieted by
Whilst which proteins stablise the strand?
Reacts with Rad51 to cause chromatin remodelling
What does this lead to?
What takes the place of Rad51 in meosis
What does this allow recombination between?
How many ways are there to resolve D loops
Which does not apply to homologous recombination?
Which is thought to be similar to RuvABC?
Which involves a nuclease?
Which is involved in Bloom's disease?

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