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Forced Order
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What does Aang use to round up all the animals to make a zoo?
How many sisters does Ty Lee have?
What game does Aang say the former members of the feuding tribes in 'The Great Divide' played together when they were young?
What is the name of the youngest member of the freedom fighters?
At the end of 'The Painted Lady' when the gang is scaring the firebenders, what is Sokka doing?
In one of Zuko's flashbacks, when Iroh sends Zuko and Azula gifts, Azula receives what?
What does Aunt Wu tell Katara she should have for breakfast?
Who tells the gang about his experience with the spirit who haunts during the full moon?
When Toph first starts gambling on the streets, what does she waver for more money?
What baby animal does Sokka hunt when he gets stuck in the hole?
What is the name of the sand bender who stole Appa?
When Katara and Toph are trying to gain access into the Basco's party, Toph says these two families are waiting for them inside.
The monkey statue covered in red jewels appears in what episodes? (In chronological order)
What is the name of the group of earth benders sent at first to take down the drill?
'Yeah, and who keeps us laughing with sarcastic comments all the time. I mean, look at __________ ___________, right? What's up with that?'
Sokka's the meat and sarcasm guy, but he's willing to become...
In the Avatar day festival, a man runs forward with a torch. Sokka remarks that it smells ___________.
To master the disciplines you must first master what?

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