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Forced Order
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These are the hintsThese are the answers
When the gang stays in Ba Sing Se, what is the name of their nervous neighbor?
What did Aang give Appa the first time they met?
How many jins are there, total?
When the gang goes to the fire day festival, what trick does the magician do with Katara?
Firebenders can bend electricity, what episode do you first see someone bend electricity?
'The Last Airbender' movie was absolute trash. True or False?
What is the deadly plant that Iroh makes into a tea and drinks?
Who is the leader of the Rough Rhinos?
Kyoshi had the biggest _____ of any Avatar
The name of Sokka's hair style
These are the hintsThese are the answers
The Boulder’s over his conflicted feelings, and now he’s ready to bury you, in a ________________'
When Toph feels that Aang is light on his feet, she suggest that his fighting name is the _________ __________
The fluffy bunny cloud forcasts what?
How many tries did it take the mechanist to get his safe knife sharpener right?
What name does Aang give the students playing music for the dance party?
In the first episode, Sokka calls bending: _________
Who did Iroh study to create his redirecting lightning trick?
The moonflower likes ________ __________
When Toph acts as Ozai, she goes by the name of...
The first morning after Zuko's metamorphosis, Iroh is cooking what?

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