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QUIZ: Can you name the Answers from the Awesome Avatar Grab Bag #3?

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Forced Order
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These are hintsThese are answers
Flamio _______
'Please to rise, for fire nation national anthem...' Fire Lord, _____ ______ _______ ______ _______'
There's something that takes hold of you when you fly through the air, that something is?
He's just a guy with a boomerange, he didn't ask for all this ______ and ______
Taught Aang to energy bend
The arrows mean Aang is a what?
Who knocks at the guarded gate?
Wan Shi Tong, he who knows
When Long Feng takes the children aside to tell them why they can't talk to the earth king, the fire in the background is what color?
What group uses rock shaped hands for attacks and binding
Sokka's final decision on the name for their gang
Sokka gets kicked into a meeting where several girls are practicing what form of poetry?
The Blue Spirit is what chapter in Book one?
These are hintsThese are answers
The group who captures Aang and brings him to Zhao
Katara and Sokka escape out of the drill through the ______ pipe line.
Ty lee uses what to attack?
One of the names of the three 'Brothers' In the episode 'The painted Lady'.
When a waterbender is at his/her most powerful state.
Zhao kills the ______ spirit
Iroh's favorite tea
There were two fueding tribes in the episode 'The Great Divide'. Each tribe had a leader in the old days that was 'betrayed'. What were their names?
The only way to get into the airbender's sanctuary is to use...
King Bumi can use this part of his body to bend.
What were the four avatars before Aang starting with the fire one and going back (Just their names with commas in between and a space after each comma)
He was the second man to escape the fire nation army and live, he doesn't get to become a legend for that, that's o.k. though...

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