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Forced Order
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These are hintsThese are answers
Toph practices what form a Chi?
What is the first obstacle in the invasion?
Must take a piece of this to Ran and Shaw, the dragons
Which was it, a ______, or a bison?
Stay cool, or as they say in the fire nation '______ _______'
The waterbending scroll's already got a buyer, who?
According to Jet, what two things shouldn't they mix up?
The creators of Avatar worked on the same floor as what other awesome Nickelodeon show?
Katara's the spitting image of _____
Aang lands on what in the wheel of torture?
Zuko brings this to Iroh in the prison cell even though Iroh doesn't like it.
Who is Yagoda?
Aren't these questions a little harder than the first Awesome Avatar Grab bag?
These are hintsThese are answers
What is the rare flower Aang goes to pick for Katara?
Are _______ __________ an agricultural product?
What is essential for the unusual strategy that Iroh employs?
The istrument Iroh plays towards the end of the Blue spirit
This guy's name was never actually said, but he was given 2 different ones. What were they? (In alphabetical order)
General Fong adressed Sokka and Katara as '_______ Sokka,' and 'the _______ Katara'
Appa has ____ stomachs
Aang invented this
You can't keep us here, let us leave!
Here's a question so you can feel good about yourself for answering one right...just kidding. What color does everything turn when zhao kills one the spiritual koi?
Water...Earth...Fire...Air...Long Ago, _____ ______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _________
Jun's pet (Name of animal)

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