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Forced Order
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These are the hints!These are the answers!
Doesn't touch his smoked sea slug
Captain, commander, then Admiral
Talks in third person
Chief of the northern water tribe
Can't get Zhao's name right
Would rather eat fireballs than nuts
Of all the gang, this person had the worst field trip with zuko
Aang really wished he could make this on the barge in the episode 'Imprisoned'
This place is really hoppin'!
Tui and ____
Keeps an old water tribe comb in her locked chest
Pippinpadalopsacopalus ____
Aang's 'Parent's' names (Think about it)
These are the hints!These are the answers!
There's a million _____'s in the fire nation
This is made of rock candy...delicious!
Sokka is a fan of secret ______'s
The gang attends Earth Rumble ____
What did Sokka add to his painting of the landscape?
What is the best show ever created...ever.
What is Toph's last name?
So bad at being good!
Her hair is about to meet its doom!
Aang receives the mark of the _____
This poor fellow has tragedy struck upon him in 4 different episodes
That rhymes with Meng!

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