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Can you name the Pee Wee's Big Adventure?

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Where did Pee Wee's Boomerang Bow tie come from
Who is the man in charge of the Bike-O-Rama
What animal is on Pee-Wee's slippers
The noise from the wreck Large Marge witnessed was like a what?
Pee Wee's all alone, he's rolling a big _____, when a snake wearing a vest...
Pee Wee dances to this song in the bar
In the chase at the end, they interrupt a music video by what band?
Pee Wee sneaks into the hollywood studios by following a popular guy telling a joke, the punch line is: 'So I says, what'dya think i got here, a _____?'
These are hintsThese are answers
'Is there something you'd like to share with the rest of us ________ _______?!'
I remember...____ _______
Pee Wee doesn't make monkeys, he just _____ them!
Pee Wee's rival
Simone's boyfriend
The meal Pee Wee had to clean do dishes to pay off for
Name of the secret agent, movie style Pee Wee Herman

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Tags:adventure, pee, wee

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