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AOcean to the east of Brazil
BBrazil's capital city
CFamous statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro
DFirst name of Brazil's current president (2011-)
EThe American inventor after whom Brazilian football star Pelé was named
FName for Brazilian shanty towns
GBrazil is one of the largest growers of this fruit
H75% of the country's electricity is generated this way
IAffluent area of Rio de Janeiro, famous for its beach
JBig cat found in jungle habitat in Brazil
KEnglish name for an indigenous tribe, found near the the answer for 'x', that live in one of the world's largest protected tropical areas
LFormer president of the country, serving 2003-2011
MLargest stadium in the continent, located in Brazil
NA footballer, the first Brazilian athlete to appear on the cover of Time magazine
OBrazil's national motto
PMain language spoken
QA traditional game of tag
SCity notable for its large African community
TTraditional dish named after cattle drivers who routinely ate it: Feijão ________
UBrazil is one of the founding members of this global organisation
VOne of Brazil's northern neighbors
WShort name for the major sporting event hosted by this country in 2014
XName of a river that feeds into the Amazon river
YJapanese fried noodle dish with Chinese origins popular in Brazil
ZAnother famous footballer, real name Arthur Antunes Coimbra

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