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Can you name the West Wing episode titles by their context in the show?

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''Well, I suppose it was some hope you might ________ to consider your position.''1
''Let's go around the table one more time. Where are we with this? ________?''1
''You knew. We weren't counting you. It's ________.''2
''There was a drunk driver, and they ran the light at ________. They ran it at a high speed.''2
''Speaking of _______... ''/''Yes, another drink.''3
''________, we shot down his plane!''3
''The substance of things hoped for, the ________.''4
''He's invoking ________.''4
''You know Korean word '________'?''5
'''________' means 'father of daughters.' They thought the tea was the least they could do.''5
'I think we're all anxious about the subjects because you're insisting on being alone ________ with the Chinese leaders.' 6
''And ever since then we've had an embargo against that mosquito of an island ________...''6
''Americans haven't fought a war in ________ for quite some time.''7
''What are you thinking about?''/''________.''7

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