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What was the first answer given in the Physics Bowl?
What was the answer to the final question in the Physics Bowl?
What is the name of the Pharmaceutical Company at which Penny and Bernadette work?
Who is referred to as the 'father of modern neuroscience' in the episode 'The Tangible Affection Proof'? (Look up the spelling if you need to!)
Follow that Line: 'I should march over there and ask her out.'
What is Penny's ex-boyfriend, Kurt's, apartment #?
The first line in 'The Terminator Decoupling' is 'OK Raj, hand me the ______ torx screwdriver' Fill in the blank.
In what episode, other than the debut one, The Work Song Nanocluster, is a 'Penny Blossom' seen?
What was the name of the Dentist, who has coitis with Howard's Mother?
When Leonard does a laser demonstration for grad students in 'The Cooper Norwitzki Theorem', what flavor juice does he spill on the helium neon laser?
What is the name of the episode that starts with Howard and Rajesh playing a Star Wars dancing game?
In the Episode 'The Middle Earth Paradigm', what is the first person that Sheldon demonstrates his costume to dressed as?

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