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Character's NameActor/ActressExtra Info
Paul StevensElizabeth's dad.
ParkerPhoebe's optimistic boyfriend in season 8.
Jack GellerRoss and Monica's dad.
Judy GellerRoss and Monica's mom.
GuntherCentral Perk manager.
Amy GreenRachel's sister.
Jill GreenRachel's sister.
Dr. Leonard GreenRachel's dad.
Sandra GreenRachel's mom.
Dr. Richard BurkeMonica's older boyfriend.
Dr. Charlie WheelerDated Joey and Ross in seasons 9 and 10.
Dr. Benjamin HobartWon 2 Nobel Prizes and dated Charlie.
SandyEmma's male nanny.
Melissa WarburtonKissed Rachel.
Susie MossDated Chandler in season 2.
Erika FordJoey's stalker.
Erica Surrogate for Monica and Chandler.
Ben GellerRoss, Carol and Susan's son.
Carol WillickRoss's lesbian ex-wife.
Susan BunchCarol's lesbian life-partner.
Mike HanniganPhoebe's second husband.
DavidPhoebe's scientist boyfriend.
Cassie GellerRoss and Monica's attractive cousin.
Character's NameActor/ActressExtra Info
Janine LecroixAustralian dancer who lived with Joey.
Janice Litman-GoralnickDated Chandler multiple times.
Dr. Michael MitchellTreated Marcel when he swallowed Scrabble tiles.
Will ColbertWent to college with Ross and hates Rachel.
WendyFlirted with Chandler in Tulsa.
TomasAngry guy with speech impediment.
StevePhoebe's masseuse client who does drugs.
TimCheated on his friend with his wife.
RoyPhoebe's bachelorette party stripper.
MackenzieLittle girl who lives in house Monica and Chandler buy.
TommyRachel's angry boyfriend.
LydiaJoey helped her give birth.
EarlWanted to kill himself.
EricAlmost married Ursula.
MalcolmUrsula's stalker.
RyanGot chicken pox.
Charles BingChandler's gay dad.
Nora Tyler-BingChandler's mom.
Richard CrosbyJoey's co-star in a movie about WWI.
CherylDirty girl who dates Ross.
Pete BeckerMonica's millionaire boyfriend in season 3.
Kristen LangDates Ross and Joey at the same time.

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