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Can you name the Name The Football Manager Network Players From The Clue?

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Black, Ditches People, Godfather, Spends way too much
Moans constantly, arrogant, generally crap to play with, loves playing with regens, thinks hes bosses AOE
Mind of a kid, yet mature. Constant use of same tactic. Cheap player at the game. Quite funny. Overuses Phrases.
Generally **** at the game, has no clue. Thinks he does, good in real life knowledge of football awful ingame knowledge
Cant manage Aguero, has no clue about football, eats sky boxs
Likes to sing songs in the chat, thinks hes funny, average, quiet?
Constantly gets his name spelt wrong, plays Jenas horribly
Clever guy, good at maths. Bums tottenham, gets moody.
Gets massive clubs relegated even with the best players... well known for ' The **** Challenge'
The Founder of the revolution after Ramone leaving, got moody. Never spoke again.

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