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ManagerClubs ManagedPlayer
KyleFirst club managed.
KyleLater Club who he then failed with.
KyleAlso got these relegated.
KyleAt these for a week.
KyleEnjoyed part success maintaning championship status before accidentaly resigning
KyleHad one day at the club.
KyleClub which he feels as his home
KyleJob given to him by Craig.
RamoneBummed by ramone constantly. Because of one reason.
CraigWhy he took this club? Noone knows..
CraigHis greatest ever success, however ramones departure spoiled it.
CraigThe board didnt give him what he wanted here as he got a low in the table club competing in europe.
CraigWhere hes settled down, and married now..
CraigCraigs place of work
CraigThe position on pitch in which he plays.
ShekuThe player who Sheku cant manage properly.
ArwelThe mispelling commonly used by Kyle of his name
Ramone and ShekuRamone and Shekus skin colour
KyleWho kyle constantly brings up about his glory days with
KyleKyles Hometown
CraigCraigs Hometown
JackWhat Jack NEVER GAVE after a match.
ArwelPlayer he could never correctly use
ArwelClub managed in the Ramone prime
JimmyClub he managed for the longest period.
ManagerClubs ManagedPlayer
Jack and CraigJack and Craig always argued about this pacey french winger. around 10m was the price it took to lure him away
ShekuClub Managed in the ramone prime
JackClub Managed in the ramone prime
Jack KyleThe left back that Kyle constantly nags Jack about asking how hes doing, why is he not playing.
CraigItalian team Craig claims as his main reason to his success
ArwelSwansea player Arwel is constantly in the showers with
ShekuWhere Sheku managed in italy, constantly moaning about timing arrangements.
ShekuWhat Sheku constantly does whilst playing..
JimmyJimmys player he brought to limelight, not that he wasnt already limelighted upon..
RamoneThe reasoning behind Ramones failure to constantly play FM.
The one nooone can rememberNoone remembers this Guy, Mr Miyagi..
FilmThe film in which Ramone quotes from.
JimmyWhat Jimmy always quotes in the chat
CraigWho Danny Fox had a grumple with
KyleWho has the limelight at Dunfermline and remains Kyles greatest ever signing
ShekuWhat Sheku once ate as part of a dare..
ArwelArwels Brazilian team he claimed to rape at
ShekuShekus unhealthy obsession with this Argentina winger.
AllThe youtube commenter who is repeatedly quoted
The wonderkid.The guy everyone trys singing because he automatically wins the league for you.
ShekuShekus international team he seeks success with
ShekuTeam managed in the premier league, who he took back to where they should be
ArwelArwels french obsession, the team he grew to love.
The Free Kick MaestroThis guy always scores Free kicks against sheku..

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