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QUIZ: Can you name the Angry Birds Characters?

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Okay team, lets split up!
He beats Usain Bolt
Use eggs to get eggs back... Logic
Come back here!
Bigger, stronger, still no powers
Under pressure
Sardines are his life
His as well, but his sardines swim in space
Chinese cousin of the sardine-freak
This cousin of the sardine-eater likes rugby
From a galaxy, far far away... 'It' likes sardines too.
A couple from Rio
The male taken apart
No power, but still super in space
Their name referres to their masks
Same name, different game
He's suddenly green
Different design, different function
When puffed you can see why he's named like this
You need to save them, although they can clearly save themselves
Finally he gets some action with a lightsaber
Even as a bird she looks cute
Look out, he's got a gun!
Use the force!
Fight the power!
This is not the egg we're looking for
Good doggy
Little cute enemy
The standard
Biggie Piggie
Metal on your head won't save you
You need to shave
One to rule them all
You ate too much
He's not real, but still scary
I will eat your brai- EGGS!
Stop shooting me!
First ones to look mad at you
Working for the big boss
Almost the big boss
The big boss
Riding the carts!
Fix my cart please

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