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QUIZ: Can you name the Harry Potter Character that says the Lines

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Why spiders, why couldn't it have been follow the butterflies?
I'm going to bed before either of you come up with a clever idea to get us killed, or worse expelled
You tell those spiders, Ron
You call this a house?
Technically it's a ferret
Why is it when something happens it's always you three?
No Idea
Did you really? How d'it go?
Dumbledore's got style
Don't you dare!
You're still beautiful to me, William
Have lovely experiences with that do you Mad-Eye.
Hello Beautiful
You're just as sane as I am
My father will hear about this
Why is it always me?
Mad-Eye's dead
Honestly women you call yourself our mother
That's my girlfriend you numpties
I can touch you now
Don't touch my daughter you bi*ch
Don't worry I will be

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