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Forced Order
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Who was the second character to be seen on screen?
What date did the plane crash?
How many episodes in season 1?
What character dies in the episode 'Do no harm'?
How do they die?
Who is born in the episode 'Do no harm'?
Who helps her give birth?
Who wasn't on the manifest.. He wasn't on the plane...
What animal is shot by Sawyer?
Where does jack find water?
What are the numbers?
Who does sawyer blame for the plane crash?
Where did the other plane come from that Locke and Boone found?
What was being smuggled in the plane?
Which is hidden in?
Who is the white rabbit?
Who doesn't want the hatch to be blown open?
Who lights the dynamite to blow up the hatch?
Who can speak English?
Who leaves on the raft?
Who got blown up handling dynamite?
Finish this quote 'Going on a loop for....
Who is the French chick?
Who refers to themselves as a 'bloody rock god'?
That's Steve...
Claire's craving...
The famous speech: live

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