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Can you name the Shakespearean people, places, and things starting with C?

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Hamlet's evil uncle
Title character of a Roman tragedy, recently played on film by Ralph Fiennes
Juliet's family name
King Lear's youngest daughter
Leader of a popular rebellion in 2 Henry VI, who promises to 'make it felony to drink small beer'
Ill-fated Trojan prophetess of Greek mythology ...
... and the female title character of the play in which the previous answer appears ...
... and the medieval poet whose work inspired this play and Two Noble Kinsmen
Ecclesiastical office held by Wolsey in Henry VIII and Beaufort in 2 Henry VI
Play featuring not one but TWO sets of identical twins
Name adopted by another twin when she disguises herself as a boy
The name of a conspirator and an ill-fated poet in Julius Caesar
Queen of Egypt and lover of Mark Antony
Prospero's unwilling servant in The Tempest
Portia has three of these, but only one holds her picture
Spanish writer who died on the same date as Shakespeare (but, oddly, not on the same day)
Lost play by Shakespeare and Fletcher which may have been adapted from the previous answer's work
Legendary British king whose problems include two kidnapped sons and an evil wife ...
... and his evil-but-stupid stepson
The man Othello wrongly believes is his wife's lover

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