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Can you name the Shakespearean people, places, or things beginning with I or J?

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Title character with a famous balcony scene
Villainous character in Othello
Falstaff's first name
Title character who is assassinated in Act 3, but returns as a ghost
... and the date in the Roman calendar on which he dies
French military leader who gets an unflattering portrayal in 1 Henry VI
Grumpy lord who delivers the 'Seven Ages of Man' speech in As You Like It
Heroine of Cymbeline ...
... and the villain who falsely claims to have seduced her ...
... and the thunderbolt-wielding Roman god who rides in on an eagle to save the day
Land where Twelfth Night takes place
A short scene that serves as a prologue to a play; there's one in The Taming of the Shrew
Novice nun who intervenes to save her brother from execution in Measure for Measure
Nationality of many Shakespearean characters, including Desdemona, Prospero, and Petruchio
Shylock's religion ...
... and the name of his daughter, who converts to Christianity
Messenger goddess associated with rainbows, who appears in The Tempest
King of England from 1603 and patron of Shakespeare's acting company

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