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Can you identify which of these things happen in Hamlet?

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Hamlet invites Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to play hide-and-seek with a corpse
Ophelia takes her clothes off
Polonius instructs a servant to accuse Laertes of visiting prostitutes
Hamlet offers to eat a crocodile
Osric dies
Horatio and Hamlet reminisce about their professor at Wittenberg, Dr. Faustus
Hamlet wonders whether Alexander the Great is currently in a beer-barrel
The gravediggers play bowls with skulls
Hamlet philosophizes about the death of Socrates
The king places a sports bet involving six Barbary horses
The queen physically restrains the leader of a revolution
Several characters are attacked by pirates
The king promises to shoot off cannon next time he takes a drink
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern flip a coin
Hamlet crows like a rooster, flaps his arms, and jumps up and down on a pile of straw
Denmark colludes in the invasion of Poland
Claudius throws the players into prison
Hamlet wears dirty stockings
Fortinbras annexes Austria
Polonius offers to become a farmer
Hamlet gives Guildenstern a music lesson
Hamlet attempts suicide, but Horatio stops him
Horatio attempts suicide, but Hamlet stops him
Visitors from England and Normandy come to Denmark
The king sends ambassadors to Constantinople
The queen gets her portrait painted
Laertes vows not to cut his hair or beard until his father is avenged
The king shows off a fake book that doubles as a poison cabinet
Horatio asks the ghost whether he's hidden buried treasure
Someone literally kills the messenger
Horatio disguises himself to spy on Claudius
Hamlet brandishes a battle-axe
A coroner's inquest takes place
A guard gets drunk and falls off the battlements at Elsinore
Someone dresses as a member of the opposite sex

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