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Can you name the Shakespearean people, places, and things starting with E?

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Queen who ruled England during most of Shakespeare's lifetime ...
... and her one-time favorite, mentioned in Henry V, who rebelled against her in 1601
The Earl of Gloucester's bastard son in King Lear ...
... and his legitimate brother
Hamlet's castle
Turkish city associated with Diana and St. Paul; setting for The Comedy of Errors and parts of Pericles
Stage direction used when two or more characters leave the stage, Latin for 'they go out'
London location of the Boar's Head Tavern
Hermia's father
Richard II's killer
Name of Iago's wife, and of the heroine of Two Noble Kinsmen
Prospero, Rosalind, and Puck deliver these at the end of their respective plays
Body part that is, unusually, used as a delivery mechanism for poison in Hamlet
Title for Saturninus or Octavius Caesar
Cleopatra's homeland
Antony's companion who delivers the 'The barge she sat on, like a burnished throne...' speech

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