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QUIZ: Can you name the Shakespeare play by props and costumes?

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Props and costumesPlay
Flowers, rapiers, a skull
Several letters (one torn in pieces), a rope ladder, a dog
A map of Britain, stocks, a crown of weeds and flowers
A nun's habit, a friar's hood, one severed head
A sumptuous suit of armor, several tents
Rusty armor, strawberries, a prayer book
Two severed heads, a severed hand, pie
Four severed heads, a wax candle, an alehouse sign with a castle
Forester's costumes, a bloody handkerchief, many papers with bad poetry
Three caskets, two rings, judge's robes
Red and white roses, a paper crown, a bloody handkerchief
Six shields wearing different devices, fishermen's nets, a large chest
A handkerchief spotted with strawberries, a bed
A tabor, a box-tree, yellow stockings
Five love letters, Russian costumes
Two identical love letters, a pair of horns, a laundry basket
A crutch, a crown, a dish of apples
Red and white roses, scaling ladders, nightshirts
A rope ladder, a crowbar, a vial of poison, a dagger
Props and costumesPlay
At least five gages, a crown, a looking-glass
An ass's head, a lantern, a lion costume
A cave, roots, covered dishes filled with hot water
A broken lute, a gown with curiously cut sleeves, a joint of burnt mutton
A gold chain, a rope, a bag of money
A lion's hide, one severed head, hot irons
Buckram suits, a bottle of sack, an extensive bar tab
A bloody mantle with multiple stab wounds, tents, a bowl of wine
Tree branches, one severed head, a cauldron
Wine, a basket of figs, a snake
Two sets of cardinal's vestments, a silver rod and mace, christening robes
A bear suit (or an actual bear), a pack of peddler's goods
A bracelet, a large trunk, a headless corpse
Masks, a wedding gown, a scroll with an epitaph
Shackles, a file, an altar, a rose-tree
Tennis balls, a leek, two gloves (one filled with crowns)
A pilgrim's staff and sandals, a blindfold, a ring
Clubs and staves, an oaken garland, a gown of humility
A magician's staff, logs, a chessboard

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