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Can you name the Shakespearean people, places, and things starting with P?

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Mischievous supernatural prankster in A Midsummer Night's Dream
Merchant of Venice heroine ...
... and the amount of flesh she prevents Shylock from claiming
One of the two gentlemen of Verona ...
... and one of the two noble kinsmen ...
... and one of the two merry wives of Windsor
Cause of death for Romeo or Gertrude
Short, enigmatic Shakespearean poem about two birds (and not, as modern readers may think, a bird and a reptile)
Food featured in the climactic scene of Titus Andronicus
Exiled protagonist of The Tempest
Imogen's love in Cymbeline, so named because of the circumstances of his birth
Princess in The Winter's Tale, who also bears a significant name ...
... and the lady-in-waiting who tries to persuade this princess's father to accept her
Site of the final battle in Julius Caesar
An opening speech setting the scene for a play
Character played by Bottom in a play-within-a-play
Edgar's alter ego in King Lear
Play featuring Thaisa, Marina, and Lysimachus
Shepherdess who falls in love with a disguised Rosalind
Character who is accidentally stabbed while hiding behind the arras
Cressida's uncle, whose name becomes synonymous with a go-between
Profession of Walter Whitmore, Ragozine, and (possibly) Antonio in Twelfth Night

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