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Muscles of Upper Extremity: Origin & Insertion

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Origin & InsertionMuscle
O: Inferior, Posterior of Scapula. I: Med. lip of Intertubercular groove
I: Palmar Aponeurosis. O: Med. Epicondyle
O: C1-C4. I: Vertebral margin of Scapula(between superior angle and root of spine)
O: Subscapular Fossa(anterior). I: Lesser Tubercle
I: Pisiform + Hamate carpal (5th metacarpal). O: Med. Epicondyle
O: Lat. Epicondyle + Radial Collateral and Annular ligaments + Supinator fossa + Crest of Ulna. I: Lat., Posterior and Anterior of Proximal 1/3 of Radius
O: Lower border of crest of Spine of Scapula. I: Deltoid Tuberosity
O: Ant. Border + upper of Lat. 1/3 of Clavicle. I: Deltoid Tuberosity
O: Supraspinous fossa of Scapula. I: Superior of Greater tubercle of Humerus
O: Med. 1/2 of Clavicle + Sternum + Upper 6 Costal cartilages. I: Intertuberular Groove
O: Posterior of Humerus, Inferior to Radial groove. I: Olecranon process
O: Spinous Process of 2nd-5th Thoracic V. I: Med. border of Scapula, Inferior to Spine
O: Apex of Coracoid process. I: Middle 1/3 of Med. surface and Border of Humerus
O: Med. border of Coronoid process. I: Lat. border of Radius
O: Distal Anterior of Ulna. I: Distal Anterior, Lat. border of Radius
O: Lat. upper 8/9 Ribs. I: Anterior of Med. border of Scapula
O: Upper 2/3 of posterior Scapula, adjacent to Lat. border of Scapula. I: Inferior facet of Greater tubercle
O: Supraglenoid tubercle of scapula. I: Radial tuberosity
Origin & InsertionMuscle
O: Infraglenoid tubercle of scapula. I: Olecranon process of Ulna
O: Lat. Epicondyle of Humerus. I: Olecranon process + Proximal posterior of Ulna
O: Coracoid process. I: Radial tuberosity
O: Lat. Border of Acromion process. I: Deltoid Tuberosity
O: Base of Skull + Spinous process of Thoracic Vertebrae and C7. I: Lat. 1/3 of Clavicle
O: Spinous process of Lower 6 Thoracic vertebrae + Lumbar vertebrae + Sacrum + Iliac crest + Lower 3-4 Ribs. O: Inferior of Intertubercular groove
I: Base of 2nd and 3rd Metacarpals. O: Med. Epicondyle
O: Base of Skull + Spinous process of Thoracic Vertebrae and C7. I: Med. of crest of Scapula Spine
O: Posterior of Humerus, Superior to Radial groove. I: Olecranon process
I: 2nd Metacarpal. O: Lat. Epicondyle
O: Infraspinous fossa. I: Middle facet of Greater Tubercle
O: Spinous Process of C7-T1. I: Root of Spine
O: Base of Skull + Spinous process of Thoracic Vertebrae and C7. I: Acromion + crest of Scapula Spine
O: Med. Epicondyle + Med. Supracondylar ridge of Humerus. I: Lat. Border of Radius
O: 3rd-5th Ribs(near costal cartilages). I: Med. Border + superior Coracoid process
O: Anterior border of lower 1/2 of Humerus. I: Coronoid process + Ulnar tuberosity
I: 3rd + 5th Metacarpal. O: Lat. Epicondyle
O:Lat. supracondylar ridge of Humerus. I: base of Radial sytloid process + Lat. distal end of Radius

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