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Muscles of Trunk: Origin & Insertion

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Origin & InsertionMuscle
O:Sacrum + Spinous processes of Lumbar and lower 2 Thoracic vertebrae + Iliac Crest. I: Angles of lower 6 or 7 Ribs
O: Manubrium of Sternum + Med. of Clavicle. I: Mastoid process of Temporal bone + Occipital bone
O: Cartilages to Angles of ribs 1-11. I: Superior border of Rib below (2-12)
O: Outer of lower 8 ribs. I: Anterior Ilium Crest + Abdominal Aponeurosis to Linea Alba
O: Spinous process of C7-T6. I: Transverse process of C1-C3 + Mastoid process of Temporal bone + Occipital bone
O: Spinous process of T10/11-L2. I: Spinous process of T1-T8.
O: Transverse process of Lumbar vertebrae. I: Transverse process of Thoracic vertebrae + Lat. of Tubercles of Lower 9 or 10 Ribs
O:Anterior of Lat. Sacrum. I: Upper border of Greater Trochanter
O: Transverse Process of C7-T6 + Articular process of C4-C6. I: Occipital bone, between Superior/Inferior Nuchal Line.
O: Pubis Crest + Pubis Symphysis. I: Cartilage of 5th-7th Ribs + Xiphoid process of Sternum
Origin & InsertionMuscle
O: Transverse process of upper 4 or 5 Thoracic vertebrae + Articular process of lower 3 or 4 Lumbar vertebrae. I: Posterior Mastoid process
O: Lower of Ligamentum Nuchae + Spinous process of C7. I: Spinous process of C2 (Axis)
O:Thoracolumbar Fascia + Med.lip of Iliac Crest + Lat.1/3 of Inguinal ligament + Costal Cartilages of lower 6 Ribs.I: Aponeurosis end in Linea Alba + Pubic Crest + Pectineal Line
O: Posterior inner of Iliac Crest + Transverse Processes of Lumbar Vertebrae. I: Lower Border of 12th rib + Transverse processes of upper Lumbar vertebrae
O: Ilium Crest + Lat. 1/2 of Inguinal ligament + Thoracolumbar fascia. I: Cartilage of 3 or 4 lower Ribs + Aponeurosis to Linea Alba.
O: Lower of Ribs 1-11. I: Superior Border of Rib Below (2-12)
O: Angles of Ribs 3-6. I: Transverse Process of C4-C6.
O: Angles of lower 6 Ribs. I: Angles of upper 6 Ribs + Transverse Process of C7
O: Ribs 2-12. I: Ribs 1-11
O: Transverse process of upper 4 or 5 Thoracic vertebrae. I: Transverse process of C2-C6.

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