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Muscles of Hip: Origin & Insertion

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Origin & InsertionMuscle
O: Body + Inf. Ramus (pubis). I: Prox. 1/3 of Linea Aspera
O: Pectineal line (pubis). I: Pectineal line (Femur).
O: Ischial Tuberosity. I: Fibula Head.
O: Lat. Iliac Crest (between ASIS and Tubercle of crest). I: Tendinous-Iliotibial tract of Fascia Lata.
O: Anterolateral wall of True pelvis. I: Greater Trochanter.
O: Ant. Sacrum. I: Greater Trochanter.
O: AIIS + Illium (Ant. to Ischial tuberosity). I: Patella + Tibial Tuberosity.
O: Upper 2/3 of Iliac Fossa + AIIS. I: Lesser Trochanter
O: Pos. Sacrum, Coccyx and Ilium (behind Gluteal line). I: Iliotibial band + Gluteal Tuberosity(Femur)
O: Ant. Pubis. I: Middle 1/3 of Linea Aspera.
O: Lat. lip of Linea Aspera. I: Fibula Head.
Origin & InsertionMuscle
O: Ischial Tuberosity. I: Med. shaft of Tibia + Post., Med. Condyle of Tibia.
O: Pos. Ilium (between Ant. and Pos. Gluteal lines). I: Lat. Greater Trochanter.
O: Obturator membrane + Ischial Rami. I: Greater Trochanter.
O: Transverse process, bodies + Intevertebral discs of Lumbar v. (+ body of T12). I: Lesser Trochanter.
O: Inf. Ramus (pubis) + Ischial Ramus. I: Med., Prox. shaft of Tibia.
O: Lat. Ischium (Ant. to Ischial Tiberosity). I: Greater Trochanter.
O: Pos. Ilium (between Ant. and Inf. Gluteal lines). I: Ant. Greater Trochanter.
O: Inf. Ramus (pubis) + Lower Ischial Tuberosity. I: Linea Aspera + Supracondylar Line.
O: Upper Ischial Tuberosity. I: Greater Trochanter.
O: External Ischial Spine. I: Greater Trochanter.
O: ASIS. I: Prox., Med. Tibia (Infero-medial to Tibial tuberosity).

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