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to help
to like, like
to admire
to adore
to bring (an object)
to arrive
to attend
to sing
to look for
to order
to cost
to dance
to have, to eat lunch
to ask
to spend (money)
to detest, hate
to have, eat dinner
to give
to listen
to hug, kiss
to enter, come in
to study
to close
to win, earn
to live, reside
to invite
to play
to wash
to rent
to walk
to go up
to show
to forget
to speak
to go, pass by, spend (time), take (a test)
to think
to cry
to wear, carry
to pray, beg
to leave
to tell (a story)
to refuse
to look at, watch
to regret
to thank
to meet
to return (home)
to stay
to return
to ring
to wish
to call (on the phone)
to pull
to fall
to turn
to work
to cross
to find
to visit (places)
to throw (spelling change)
to call (spelling)
to buy (spelling)
to hope (spelling)
to prefer (spelling)
to repeat (spelling)
to pay (for) (spelling)
to clean (spelling)
to bore, bother, annoy (spelling)
to send (spelling)
to eat (spelling)
to change (spelling)
to move (change residence) (spelling)
to swim (spelling)
to tidy up, put away (spelling)
to travel (spelling)
to begin, start (spelling)
to announce (spelling)
to erase (spelling)
to place, put (spelling)
to pronounce (spelling)
to finish
to choose
to grow up
to punish
to think, reflect (on)
to succeed, be successful
to wait (for)
to go down
to hear
to lose
to give back, return
to answer
to go (irregular)
to have (irregular)
to drink (irregular)
to drive (irregular)
to know (irregular)
to run (irregular)
to believe (irregular)
to have to, owe (irregular)
to say, tell (irregular)
to sleep (irregular)
to tell a lie (irregular)
to feel, smell (irregular)
to serve (irregular)
to go out (irregular)
to write (irregular)
to be (irregular)
to do, make (irregular)
to be necessary (irregular)
to read (irregular)
to put, put on (irregular)
to allow (irregular)
to promise (irregular)
to die (irregular)
to open (irregular)
to please (irregular)
to rain (irregular)
to be able to (irregular)
to take (irregular)
to learn (irregular)
to understand (irregular)
to receive (irregular)
to laugh (irregular)
to smile (irregular)
to know (irregular)
to come (irregular)
to become (irregular)
to live (irregular)
to see (irregular)
to want (irregular)
to have a good time
to be named
to go to bed
to wonder
to hurry
to suspect
to be bored
to get dressed
to worry
to get up
to make fun of
to happen
to remember
to wake up
to be mistaken
to sit down (irregular)
to behave (irregular)
to go away, leave (irregular)
to fall asleep (irregular)
to begin to (+ infinitive) (irregular)
to feel (physically or emotionally) (irregular)
to use (irregular)
to remember (irregular)

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