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Forced Order
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Who disconnected on White noise online after hearing a buzzing sound?
Who left the seaside racing session during hide and seek and did not inform the others?
Who's pro was called Pusci?
Who's gamertag got reported so much that they got a free change?
Who used to chase Bradley around Los Santos with a hammer?
Who uses big words like 'And' and 'The'?
Who screamed 'There's a door for 750'?
Who got the weather gun on Blops?
What player did Sam get red carded?
What should you watch us in?
What country was Keith Turd from?
Who had the most red cards on pro clubs ever?
Who was the leader of FeAr?
Who takes the longest in the shower? The virtual shower?
Which member of FeAr is now a father?
Who uploaded pron to FeAr?
Who was just about to 'pAAAAAAAAss it'?
Who was the racist girl in our group for a couple weeks?
What was her and her sisters nicknames?
Who got themself into a sticky situation with one police officer on the ground not even on them and they were in a helicoper 300ft in the air at 3AM?

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