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Who's actually got a bad knee
Who 50/50 smashed a girl
Who's the ex Widmer End legend
Who could bring a ball down with his chest whilst it's rolling on the floor
Who got our first red card ever
Who ran off mid game to go and pick berries
Who was the best player from U9's and U10's
Tonkiest tonk in the team
Who's got the woodiest legs
Who put the tip in
Who had oversized gloves
Who will crush a teammate to get the ball
How many tournaments have we won
Who's dad sits there, smokes and just overall does nothing
Who's didn't have a position on the pitch, they instead just man-marked the other teams best player
Who is on martin's back
Who finished off Sam's weak foot as well cross
Who was chased by Sam with a golf club
Who had 5 teams chasing him in the summer of 15
Who scored a bullet header that was disallowed

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