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Can you name the things from Dexter starting with certain letters from A to Z?

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Name of the Trinity Killer.A
Miami's Nickname for Dexter.B
She's Miami Metro's record supervisor and Dexter's close friend.C
The breakfast food that Dexter brings into work.D
Location of the cabin where Lt. Doakes is keptE
The Skinner is 'looking' for this man.F
The Skinner's real name.G
Name of Dexter's father.H
Nickname given to the season 1 killerI
Name of the Season 5 main serial killer.J
Alias Dexter gives the Trinity KillerK
Special Agent...L
Dexter's real (mother's) last name.M
Season 3 killer, the Skinner was from which country?N
Name of little boy found in trunk of car who witnessed Dexter inject two victims, or name of Miguel Prado's youngest brother who Dexter accidently murdersO
Name of Rita's ex-husbandP
Detective from Boston, Joey-Q
Name of Miguel Prado's alcoholic brotherR
Name of Dexter's boat?S
Dexter learns that this killer has a family as well.T
Dexter cheats on Rita with a girl from...U
Name of Dexter's colleague V
Name of successful attorney, who is also Miguel Prado's rivalW
Dexter usually deals with blood, but often works with...X
Name of Internal Affairs officer who often pressured Deb for informationY
Name of Bone where Dexter slices before killing his victimsZ

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