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QUIZ: Can you name the NBA and NFL Player Colleges?

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Where did these athletes go to college?
Jamal Crawford
Ron Artest
Tim Duncan
Allan Houston
John Stockton
Scottie Pippen
Larry Johnson (Knicks)
Jason Kidd
David Robinson
Nate Robinson
Brian Scalabrine
Mark Madsen
Eli Manning
Ed Reed
Chris Johnson
Tom Brady
Randy Moss
Terrell Owens
Marshall Faulk
Jake Plummer
Eddie House
Gilbert Arenas
Caron Butler
Drew Brees
Wes Welker
Where did these athletes go to college?
Allen Iverson
Brian Dawkins
Champ Bailey
Bo Jackson
Chris Kaman
Donovan Mcnabb
Baron Davis
Chris Duhon
Charlie Ward
Al Horford
Ricky Williams
Ron Dayne
Steve Nash
Shaquille O'neal
Justin Tuck
Kerry Collins
Jay Cutler
Tony Romo
Tiki Barber
Plaxico Burress
Archie Griffin
Brandon Marshall
Delonte West
Larry Fitzgerald
Michael Jordan

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