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Can you name Time’s 100 “Most Influential People in the World” in 2014?

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“Crazy in Love” singer
Tencent founder
Federal Reserve chair
iPod father
Qatar Museums Authority chair
He is “Happy”
Snapchat cofounder
Snapchat cofounder
Amazon founder
Nigerian billionaire
Tennis player, sister of Venus
UN World Food Programme executive director
Center-right US oil billionaire
Center-right US oil billionaire
67th US Secretary of State, mother of Chelsea
Brooklyn Nets player, publicly gay
Net-a-Porter founder, luxury fashion
Securities and Exchange Commission chair
NextGen Climate founder, super PAC
Alibaba cofounder
Best NFL cornerback, Seahawks
“Gravity” director
Annapurna Pictures founder
Advanced Cell Technology chief scientific officer, stem cells
Fox News legal journalist, has own File
Indian politician corruption fighter, Aam Aadmi party leader
Ugandan nun “Sewing Hope”
Cosmic inflation Harvard researcher, after big bang
Uber cofounder, non-taxi
“Orange is the New Black” creator
Korean Kiwi teen golfer
“The Bankers’ New Clothes” coauthor
Syrian Radio Watan director
Longevity researcher, NAD is rad, genetics professor
First American woman to walk in space
President of Uruguay
NSA whistleblower
“Dereliction of Duty” author, US Army
CAR peace activist, Imam, Islamic Council in CAR president
CAR peace activist, Catholic Archbishop of Bangui
CAR peace activist, The Reverend, Evangelical Alliance in CAR president
Jawbone cofounder, wearable technology
Low-cost sanitary-pad-making machine inventor
Canadian Texan evangelical climatologist
The voice of Smaug
SNL Weekend Update alum, Late Night
He “Let It Go”
She “Let It Go”
Olivia Pope in “Scandal”
Kenyan writer, publicly gay
“Enchanted” star
“The Fault in Our Stars” author
“12 Years a Slave” director
MADtv alum, K of K&P
MADtv alum, P of K&P
“Pippin” revival director
“House of Cards” costar
“Dallas Buyers Club” star
“Wrecking Ball” singer
Chinese actress, has most fans on Sina Weibo
“Learning to Walk in the Dark” author
General Motors CEO
US Secretary of State
President of Russia
Finance Minister of Nigeria
President of Iran
Governor of Wisconsin
Kenyan activist, Ushahidi cofounder, activist mapping
Prime Minister of Japan
President of Egypt
President of China
President of USA
Foster care and human trafficking survivor, “T”
Prime Minister of India
US Attorney General
President of Chile
Bank of England chief economist
Chancellor of Germany
Governor of California
Public Protector of South Africa
Junior US Senator for Kentucky
Junior US Senator for New York
President of Venezuela
President of Turkey
Supreme Leader of North Korea
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant emir
Sundance Kid
Indonesian maid tortured in Hong Kong
Head of the Catholic Church
Pakistani education activist, “I Am ...”
“The Goldfinch” author
“The God of Small Things” author
Supemodel on maternal mortality
Fourth American Idol winner
Céline creative director, fashion designer
PBS and “60 Minutes” inteviewer
Chez Panisse owner, food activist
Performance artist, “The Artist is Present”
Portuguese footballer, Real Madrid
Shareholder activist, an icon!

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