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Can you name the baby names that are going extinct according to MooseRoots?

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25.A comic strip, AACK!
24.Baseball player Robinson
23.“Charlie’s Angels” Ladd
22.Wild ... Hickok
21.Mary ... cosmetics
20.“Urban Cowboy” Winger
19.Jack and ...
18.“The Morning After” McGovern
17.“Killing Me Softly” Flack
16.“Wonder Woman” Carter
15.“Harry Potter” Umbridge
14.“Airplane!” Nielsen
13.Jan Brady’s sister
12.“Bullets over Broadway” Wiest
11.“The Firm” Tripplehorn
10.“Glen or ...”
9.“A Fish Called ...”
8.“Me and Bobby McGee” Joplin
7.“All I Wanna Do” Crow
6.“A Boy Named ...”
5.“The Goodbye Girl” Mason
4.The Beach Boys “Help Me ...”
3.Track sprinter Devers
2.WWE Diva Guerrero
1.Comic Diller

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