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Can you name the countries that contain the midpoints between these capital cities?

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Capital citiesMidpoint country
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paris, France
Ottawa, Canada - Mexico City, Mexico
Madrid, Spain - Berlin, Germany
Beijing, China - Tokyo, Japan
Lima, Peru - Georgetown, Guyana
Vatican City, Vatican City - San Marino, San Marino
Cairo, Egypt - Kinshasa, D.R.C.
Guatemala City, Guatemala - Panama City, Panama
Ankara, Turkey - Kuwait City, Kuwait
Havana, Cuba - Castries, Saint Lucia
Warsaw, Poland - Rome, Italy
Tehran, Iran - Bangkok, Thailand
Bogotá, Colombia - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Capital citiesMidpoint country
Manila, Philippines - Kyiv, Ukraine
Pretoria, South Africa - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Jakarta, Indonesia - Bern, Switzerland
Brussels, Belgium - Moscow, Russia
Abuja, Nigeria - Nairobi, Kenya
Copenhagen, Denmark - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Washington D.C., USA - Antananarivo, Madagascar
Canberra, Australia - Reykjavik, Iceland
Tripoli, Libya - Riga, Latvia
Ottawa, Canada - New Delhi, India
Prague, Czech Republic - Melekeok, Palau
Windhoek, Namibia - Oslo, Norway

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