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Can you name the Country facts about Belgium?

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Official name
Flag color
Flag color
Flag color
Capital city
Second largest city
Third largest city
Fourth largest city
Official language
Official language
Official language
Official Motto
Nathional Anthem
Northern Region(Community)
Southern Region(Community)
Neighboring country
Neighboring country
Neighboring country
Neighboring country
Former currency
King first name
Oldest Institution of Higher Education(1425)
Prime minister
First king
Neighboring sea
Year of independence
National Day
Independence from
Largest Former Colony (1885-1960)
Largest province (4,440 km2)
Smallest province(1,091 km2)
Number of provinces
Population (nearest million)
internet code
calling code
Predominant religion
Highest point (694 m)
Lowest point (-3 m)
Primary Continent
Inhabitant (Demonym)
Longest river
Drives on the ..
Age of Suffrage
Famous tennis players (retired)
Famous statue of a peeing man
Famous structure with nine spheres
Place of Napoleon's final defeat
Famous foods & drinks

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