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Tallest ever brief 1950s career8'2
Fantastic Bodyguard7'7
Argentinian B-baller7'7
Dibiase bought his belt7'4
Punjabi native7'3
Japanese legend7'2
5 time world champion7'1
DNA of TNA7'0
Big Red Machine7'0
NWO 4 Life, Big Sexy7'0
WWF Interrogator7'0
Legendary British 600 pounder6'11
Deadman with Wrestlemania streak6'10
Heenan Family heel6'10
Big Cat, Former NFLer6'9
Sweetwater Texan father6'9
The Monster in TNA6'9
1950s Canadian Wrestler6'9
African Dream6'9
WCW/WWF Psycho6'9
Wildman with chain, murder victim6'8
Had incident during Lita's pregnancy6'8
Wore a viking helmet6'8
Ugandan Headhunter6'7
Hollywood HOFer6'7
Golden Boy6'7
Once tore an ear off his opponent6'7
Mormon Giant6'7
ROH, CZW, NWA Wrestler6'7
Formerly in Natural Disasters6'7
Samoan Superhero6'6
Hawaiian, 3rd member Demolition6'6
Sweetwater Texan son6'6
Former prison guard6'6
Love Machine... hey Mo6'6
Not to be mistaken for Luke's dad6'5
Inspired Married With Children name6'5
WWF play by play legend6'5

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