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Can you name the Guess Bands by mutated lead singer names?

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Horrid mutant singerPlease save this band!Did you save?
7 Tailor
Aphid G. Wrath
Broad Gulp
Buns Squat
Burnt Cocaine
C-Bastion Blaaaaach
Darn Homely
Dodger Toytree
Edgy Sledder
Flames Hatplains
Fozzy Osmond
Getting Leads
Gnarl Bill's Sun
Gymnasium Celebcatchild
Joke Slummer
Loose Richard & Son
Lose Nana
Meter Wolverine
Oh No!!!
Horrid mutant singerPlease save this band!Did you save?
Pal Stingy
Patter Etc.
Peein' Inthesun
Q-Bert Can't
Rain Dovies
Rigger H20s
Runny Truck Rant
Sick Dagger
Sickle Fatchance
Slob IBM Chevy
Slowly Rum Owns
Stealin' Dander
Teddy Hercules
Tennis Anyone
Tent Razor
Yawn Linen
Zany Linux

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